Saturday, April 17, 2010

Soccer Sad

So I must tell you about our little mishap that has created some trouble for our friend Nixon.  When we visited his village, someone brazenly took one of the soccer balls from inside the truck. We didn't discover the theft until we were counting the balls for our next locations.  Andre mentioned the issue to Nixon and told him that he could have the ball if he found it.  Sadly the rest of my story is not good.  Unfortunately, Nixon found the culprits who took the ball and he asked them to return it, mentioning that it was wrong to steal from the white people who were trying to help people in Malawi.  Nixon is a soft spoken type of fellow and strikes me as someone who would make this request in a quiet sort of way.  What followed was really quiet troubling to me.  The fellows (who are from the village on the other side of the field) told him they weren't going to give the ball back and told him to leave.  When Nixon turned to go they started throwing sticks and rocks at him.  Somehow, and I am really not clear on the details, Nixon's arm got broken.  All of this over a soccer ball, truly very sad.

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