Thursday, March 18, 2010

How much have we recycled?

This is my truck on day when we had a full load.  Sometimes I was so packed I had very limited visiability.  Not-to-worry, I usually didn't pack it right up unless I was on my way directly to the depot ... usually. :)

So I thought I would share with you some of our recycling stats.  We have raised approximately $750 dollars through recycling bottles and cans.  That might not seem like a whole lot but it works out to approximately 11,000 items that were recycled.  In a way I feel that we have done our civic duty in picking up bottles and cans from the side of the road, parks and campgrounds and all this in 8 months.  It didn't matter if they were dirty, mucky, disgusting, flattened or cut in half we recycled them.  No can or bottle was turned down.  Thank you to everyone who did turn down other organizations that came knocking at the door, so they could save them for us.  Thank you also to those who helped us collect recyclables while they went out on their walks every day, garbage cans or even from their staff recycling. :) You guys are heros.

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  1. What a joy to read all this ........ I'm overwhelmed with pride for Dar & Syd. How I wish we still lived in Chilliwack to see & hear from them when they come HOME !!!
    Continued Blessings on Yah
    Hugs Shirley Hovey : )