Saturday, March 6, 2010

In The End Only Kindness Matters

That is what the sign read that was nestled in approximately 400 or so stuffies.  Thanks to Meredith Connelly and McCammon Traditional Elementary School we now have all the stuffies and teddy bears we need.  I didn't know Meredith was going to do this.  She went to the school with a request on our behalf.  To send stuffies to Africa for children who don't have any toys.  These tender-hearted children at McCammon brought in their teddy bears and in some cases, teddy bears that still held emotional attachments, so they could bless children in the orphan care centres in Malawi. 

Not only did they give but they wrote as well.  Take a minute and read a couple of the precious letters that a couple of the McCammon students wrote to boys and girls in Africa.
Thank you Meredith and McCammon Elementary.


  1. Was checking VanWoerdans blog and there you are !! How exciting !!! Wish I could hug you physically but you'll just have to imagine. That little girl I looked after YEARS ago sure has grown up and I'm soooo proud of her (mommy too) but more importantly God is Proud !!! Know that we will be praying for you both. Are you still needing donations ?? Put us on your mailing/prayer list Hugs Shirley

  2. Shirley so good to hear from you. We are still needing donations - thank you for asking. You can actually donate online with Emmanual ( and select Worthylakes in the designate line. We've asked everybody to check our blog as we plan to update regularaly. Please do pray for us and please pray for Alex. We've just heard she has broken her ankle.