Monday, March 22, 2010

Please God Don't Let Mommy's Hair Fall Out

We are scheduled to leave one week today and we were praying for very important things, such as:
  • travelling mercies
  • that the luggage would all arrive when we do
  • that our stuffies, crayons, teeshirts and soccer balls would not cause concern for anyone (airports)
  • and that nothing would be stolen - apparently that is a concern when you arrive in Africa.
My son had important things to pray about as well.  You see tonight was our first night of Malaria medicine and second week of Dukoral.  Dukoral is a vaccine for Cholora and other less pleasant illnesses.  Well Elijah happened to be listening to me (as all children do when we least expect it) describe side effects from our Malaria medicine.  Hair loss was one of the side effects and Elijah felt that it was important for God to know that he would like it if mom didn't loose hers.  I think it is important too! Thanks for praying everybody. :)

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